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tv   [untitled]    March 25, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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same risk, but actually has much cheaper construction costs to achieve the same safety level that the three story buildings would be. >> and you feel confident we can address that situation, the two stories over the basement scenario that mr. huey laid out in his memo? >> absolutely. >> okay, thanks. >> thank you. so, supervisor kim has proposed an amendment. is there a second to that amendment? >> second. >> okay. and can we take that without objection? that will be the order. [gavel] >> and do we have a motion to
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forward item number 5 to the full board with positive recommendation? >> i'll make that motion. >> okay. and can we take that without objection? that will be the order. [gavel] ~ ~ >> item number 2. >> time number 2 is ordinance amending the subdivision code, by adding section 1396.4, to adopt a condominium conversion impact fee applicable to buildings participating but not being selected in the 2012 or 2013 condominium conversion lotteries only, subject to specified requirements, including lifetime leases for non-purchasing tenants; and adopting environmental findings. >> okay, i'll give a moment for some folk to clear out of the hearing room. if people who are not here for item number 2 who are not speaking can maybe go out in the hallway. >> okay. item number 2 has been called relating to the condo conversion lottery and impact fee. as i've indicated before ~ supervisor farrell who is the lead author of this legislation has requested that the committee continue item number 2 until april 15th. so, for three weeks. we will have a full hearing and public comment at that time on april 15th.
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with that said, anyone who is here who would like to make public comment on the merits of item number 2 or on the motion to continue, you are absolutely entitled to do so. but if you choose not to make public comment today, you will have a full opportunity on april 15th. so, colleagues, if there are no introductory comments. we will open it up to public comment on item number 2. i have five public comment cards. marion wallace, jose morales who i believe already spoke on this subject. hex [speaker not understood], josephine [speaker not understood], marlene train. and there are blue cards right through. go ahead, ma'am. ~ tran good afternoon, thank you for hearing me. i just wanted to make the comment that the people who brought tics actually did so with knowledge of the restrictions and difficulties
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and financial risks. and now i don't see why they should be given a pass at the detriment to the renters who are actually the ones who need protection. and i wonder how many people who actually support the amendment, aloe srithctiontioned people by their tic or are doing for other financial gain. it seems like there is some financial gain at stake for them to show up. it seems like anyone who did purchase a tic and is now having financial difficulties could certainly sell their tic and become a renter. they have the resources. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. ms. tran. good afternoon, i'm marlene tran, spokesperson for the visitacion valley asia linetionv.
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i am also retired teacher for public schools for over 30 years, having focused mainly on the nonlimited english speakers and many of them are here today. and with your permission, because they're a little bit shy about coming to the podium, if i may ask them to raise their hands so we can identify the group. may i do that? >> yes. okay. [ speaking in native language] okay, let me ask first question. if you're a tenant, renter, please raise your hand. so, today as you can see, we are not trying to displace anybody. we are representing many of the people from the low-income, many of them seniors and most of them attendants. we have tic. as we all know, tic concerns a lot of people who are property
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owners. they are not renters. so, i don't think the legislation in any way displace anybody, particularly in my case because i work with this group for almost 40 years. so, i'm asking that we allow the condo bypass to happen and change the current law [speaker not understood] because ultimately it will be a win/win situation for all. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. and i have one more card, ethan davidson. go ahead. hi, my name is josephine [speaker not understood]. i would like to ask supervisors to approve this legislation to the full board and allow the condo bypass to happen to help the people who are in tic ownership right now to avoid foreclosure fate and to help them to continue to stay in the city to be middle class. and don't change the current lottery system.
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any significant change to the current lottery system will be unfair to the tic owner who bought their unit buildings with the reasonable assumption that it would be able to convert to condominiums in a reasonable amount of time. in a 200-year condo cap is not too many. [speaker not understood] about 50, 60 units of buildings -- 50 or 0 buildings. ~ 60 that is very little. and also this bill is good for everyone involved, even including the renters who have their own mind knowing what this bill is about to protect the seniors and the families with lifetime [speaker not understood]. i wish you would continue to support this bill and thank you. >> thank you. before we get to the next speaker, for those in the overflow room, i just want to note that we do have some open seats now in the hearing room. and we are proceeding with public comment.
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if you are going to testify today as opposed to waiting until april 15th. next speaker. ladies and gentlemen, i support the tic conversion. i think lots of the tenants maybe misunderstood because nobody explain to them the tic conversion will not displace or will not replace or expel any existing tenant. the existing tenant will stay and then this new law will give the tenant maybe a lifetime warranty to live in as long as they live. and that is good, good for the tenant, good for the landlord. i don't why any people say something about that. and this society fair -- should be fair to the landlord and fair to the tenant. we both need the tic conversion like it is and thanks a lot. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment?
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ms. miller, do we know if there is anyone in the overflow room? okay, we're going to check with the overflow room to make sure to see whether there is anyone down there who would like to come up to make public comment. okay, we'll just give them another minute. for the benefit of those
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watching tv, we are just checking to see if there is anyone in the overflow room who would like to make public comment. so, we're just going to wait another minute or two to figure that out. [pause]
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>> okay, it looks like we do not have anyone in the overflow room. so, public comment is closed. [gavel] >> colleague, can we continue this item to april 15th? >> make that motion. >> supervisor kim? without objection, that will be the order. [gavel] >> madam clerk, is there any other byness before the committee? >> no, there are no further matters. >> we are adjourned. [gavel]
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>> hi today we have a special edition of building san francisco, stay safe, what we are going to be talking about san francisco's earth quakes, what you can do before an earthquake in your home, to be ready and after an earthquake to make sure that you are comfortable staying at home, while the city recovers. ♪
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>> the next episode of stay safe, we have alicia johnson from san francisco's department of emergency management. hi, alicia thanks to coming >> it is a pleasure to be here with you. >> i wonder if you could tell us what you think people can do to get ready for what we know is a coming earthquake in san francisco. >> well, one of the most things that people can do is to make sure that you have a plan to communicate with people who live both in and out of state. having an out of state contact, to call, text or post on your social network is really important and being able to know how you are going to communicate with your friends, and family who live near you, where you might meet them if your home is uninhab hitable. >> how long do you think that it will be before things are
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restored to normal in san francisco. >> it depends on the severity of the earthquake, we say to provide for 72 hours tha, is three days, and it helps to know that you might be without services for up to a week or more, depending on how heavy the shaking is and how many after shocks we have. >> what kind of neighborhood and community involvement might you want to have before an earthquake to make sure that you are going to able to have the support that you need. >> it is important to have a good relationship with your neighbors and your community. go to those community events, shop at local businesses, have a reciprocal relationship with them so that you know how to take care of yourself and who you can rely on and who can take care of you. it is important to have a battery-operated radio in your home so that you can keep track of what is happening in the community around and how you can communicate with other people. >> one of the things that seems important is to have access to your important documents. >> yes, it is important to have copies of those and also stored
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them remotely. so a title to a home, a passport, a driver's license, any type of medical records that you need need, back those up or put them on a remote drive or store them on the cloud, the same is true with any vital information on your computer. back that up and have that on a cloud in case your hard drive does not work any more. >> in your home you should be prepared as well. >> absolutely. >> let's take a look at the kinds of things that you might want to have in your home. >> we have no water, what are we going to do about water? >> it is important for have extra water in your house, you want to have bottled water or a five gallon container of water able to use on a regular basis, both for bathing and cooking as well as for drinking. >> we have this big container and also in people's homes they have a hot water heater. >> absolutely, if you clean
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your hot water heater out regularly you can use that for showering, drinking and bathing as well >> what other things do people need to have aren't their home. >> it is important to have extra every day items buy a couple extra cans of can food that you can eat without any preparation. >> here is a giant can of green giant canned corn. and this, a manual can opener, your electric can opener will not be working not only to have one but to know where to find it in your kitchen. >> yes. >> so in addition to canned goods, we are going to have fresh food and you have to preserve that and i know that we have an ice chest. >> having an ice chest on hand is really important because your refrigerator will not be working right away. it is important to have somebody else that can store cold foods so something that you might be able to take with you if you have to leave your home. >> and here, this is my very own personal emergency supply box for my house. >> i hope that you have an
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alternative one at home. >> oh, i forgot. >> and in this is really important, you should have flashlights that have batteries, fresh batteries or hand crank flashlight. >> i have them right here. >> good. excellent. that is great. additionally, you are going to want to have candles a whistle, possibly a compass as well. markers if you want to label things if you need to, to people that you are safe in your home or that you have left your home. >> i am okay and i will meet you at... >> exactly. exactly. water proof matches are a great thing to have as well. >> we have matches here. and my spare glasses. >> and your spare glasses. >> if you have medication, you should keep it with you or have access to it. if it needs to be refrigerated make sure that it is in your ice box. >> inside, just to point out for you, we have spare batteries. >> very important. >> we have a little first aid
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kit. >> and lots of different kinds of batteries. and another spare flashlight. >> so, alicia what else can we do to prepare our homes for an earthquake so we don't have damage? >> one of the most important things that you can do is to secure your valuable and breakable items. make sure that your tv is strapped down to your entertainment cabinet or wall so it does not move. also important is to make sure that your book case is secure to the wall so that it does not fall over and your valuable and breakables do not break on the ground. becoming prepared is not that difficult. taking care of your home, making sure that you have a few extra every-day items on hand helps to make the difference. >> that contributes dramatically to the way that the city as a whole can recover. >> absolutely. >> if you are able to control your own environment and house and recovery and your neighbors are doing the same the city as a whole will be a more resilient city. >> we are all proud of living in san francisco and being
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prepared helps us stay here. >> so, thank you so much for joining us today, alicia, i appreciate it. >> absolutely, it is my pleasure. >> and thank you for joining us on another edition of building good afternoon and thank you for coming. i'm delighted to announce that our first effort is unleashed upon the world. [ applause ] . it's only been two-and-a-half years since the moment of conception of this idea. it's an amazing tribute to our community. it reached three levels of impossibility, of getting a permit and designing
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it and putting it on this structure and the impossibility of getting it funded. it really is a tribute to so many and a lot of faces that i'm looking at this room tonight. it comes down to as always people. i'm going through a few moments here to give a real thanks to people who made this night and the next two years possible. i'm going to list a couple of company names, but i want to think of them as members of our community that made this project possible. that included, bloomberg, guchie, it includes the partners, magazine, california home and design, magazine, aluminum
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illuminary sponsors and the folks tonight. and, you know that first level of impossibility. i'm going to list some agency names. it comes down to a lot of people in this room to make it possible. my first phone call in this project was to cal trans. in cal trans working together with the bay area with the mayor's office here in the county of san francisco and coast guard, official wild life, all of these came together to find a way when typically the system is designed to say no, people found a way to say yes to this
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project. the arts commission, this collusion support from the san franciscmuseum of modern art. i apologize for the folks i will be missing because this is a cast of a thousand that made this happen. we certainly love our lawyers in this process. morrison who helped it become a very established and professional way in getting the contract involved in getting this project to an amazing legal footing. the technology network in san jose who made this a crucial project. i want to call out a thanks to or tactical team. we know how to
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make it small, not over 150 feet in the air. we have a studio, zone engineering and i have to say thanks to hmr who has been a rock star and directly one of the reasons this is happening. an extremely talented project. thank you all. i also want to just take a moment to really acknowledge that while leo and i have done a lot of things m in this world, we would not be able to do it alone. there is only one person responsible for this project and that is executive director of the arts. luminarias. i can go on and on. i think i will throughout the
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night. do know that she's a special person and this entire community owes her a debt of gratitude. i want to thank leo and his family for bringing the level of artistic integrity for this work that somehow slipped through the progress of a work of contemporary art parallel in art history. it has everything to do with leo and our interpretations with our discussion and that one minute that transformed how people will be receiving this project and how i can make this happen and lieutenant governor will join us at the ceremony at the
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bay i really want to thank our mayor who is a visionary in his own right and common good and who i had the pleasure of working with other projects and he's making this city better every single day. people should know that mayor embraced this team, this project ma way that had nothing to do with really -- even, it was a matter of passion, a personal desire to see the work of art radiant and shine in our community it was an amazing gift. mayor lee, we owe you a great debt of gratitude. thank you so much. [ applause ]


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